Malala Yousafzai was born July 12 1997 she is a Pakistani activist for female education as well as a human rights activist. Malala's name has a meaning of "grief stricken" she grew up in Swat Pakistan where woman struggled with rights. As Malala was growing up her father opened a school in where girls got an education during a time where women were just expected to stay home and help there families and do house work . Once her father opened the school they struggled financially for a while but never gave up on education and continued to succeed. Malala followed in her fathers footsteps advocating the importance of education and how everyone has a right to become educated in order to make a better future for themselves. The Taliban an islamic terrorist group was controlling the Pakistani people at this time and did not support education and portrayed violence and they started bombing schools in addition to threatening anyone who did attend schools. At this point people lived in fear, students were staying home, teachers were quitting, schools were getting shut down. With all the threats Malala and her father had been receiving she continued to speak out against the Taliban and took a major risk doing so. October 9 2012 Malala was traveling back home from school when two members of the Taliban had stopped the bus she was in and started asking for her, when they saw her they shot her attempting to murder her relating back to Malala trying to speak out against them and attracting attention so they decided to put an end to the problem but they did not succeed and Malala has made a full recovery and is continuing to speak out.

The Taliban is an is islamic terrorist group which started out late 1994 and became more extreme in the 2000's. The Taliban was very violent and had the Pakistani people living in fear, the Taliban did not support education and made daily announcements on the radio telling the people woman should stay home and take care of there family. The Taliban would set public examples of violence for those who did not follow what they had to say and would demonstrate public floggings and leave the person being punished out in the town so everyone could see what they have done. No one dared to go against the Taliban they were powerful and could end your life easily. Music was banned, television had to be thrown away, and people were restricted to use the radio to listen to what the Taliban had to say for hours each day. Hundreds of schools were bombed, teachers quit and students stopped going since thats what the Taliban had ordered. Starting 2009 Malala started blogging about what it was like for her to live under the Taliban and would talk about how the Taliban affected her in the blog.

Pakistan’s budget toward education is at a low rate is is continuously dropping.

-Pakistan has reduced spending on education from 2.6% of gross national product (GNP) in1999 to 2.3% of GNP in 2010

- In 2010, the country allocated only 10% of government spending on education.

- Pakistan spends around 7 times more on the military than on primary education.

-In Pakistan a legal right to free education does not exist and compulsory education is only stated necessary from ages 5 to 9.

On top of low education its even harder for females to deal with society in Pakisan

Malala continued to speak out against the Taliban and got recognized as the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner at the age of 17 for being a female education activist starting at the age of 11. Malala has also received the Malala peace prize in 2011 for her remembrance. Malala began advocating through her blogs making the Taliban and there effects known, then she continued onto making public speeches supporting the right of education. Shortly after Malala was getting a lot of attention the Taliban shot her on the way home from school one day in attempt to murder her, Malala survived the accident and was in critical condition for a couple months but fully recovered. Once she was healthy enough she started continuing her work on education rights and her voice was heard even louder after her tragic accident. Malala was giving speeches and making documentaries on how important education is as well as signed a petition to get education to children all around the world. She has also started the Malala fund in order to get schools open for girls and an education for 12 years. Throughout everything that Malala has gone through she doesn't advocate anything but peace and doesn't want to start any violence. Malala is also encouraging the government to spend more money on education than on the military which is where most of the country budget is going toward. After everything Malala has endured she is continuing to strive toward providing edcation for many girls around the world and continuing to fight for what she believes in and make sure everyone is getting there right to the education they deserve


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