Cheese Dumpster Trash By: Olivia Reis

Have you ever wondered what some of the best bots are? Well you came to the wrong place. Here is an essay about one of the worst bots ever created in history! Well

I’m just about to show and tell you about this horrible bot called “CHEESE DUMPSTER TRASH!” Cheese Dumpster Trash is number one on the losing list. (at least it won something, am I right) When it was up for competing the first bot it was against turned out to be the winner of the physical fight. The fight was horrible, Cheese just had gotten thrown at the bigger opponent and stabbed right in the side. There for he was the loser. Our battle bot was not the best because it was trash!

Our bot is made out of trash! No we did not just go over to the neighbor's dumpster to get all of our materials. We just had ended up making our bot out of cardboard. Some other groups had real blades, we had cardboard blades. While other people had real remote control cars, we had a “must push yourself scooter”. Our bot was made out of so much trash that it did not even have enough to finish the roof with. Emily Mercer says “Your bot is made out of all trash! It smells so bad get that stench out here”. Another reviewer says “Your name really defines your bot.” Our bot was made out of horrible materials.

Our bot is so weak. My groups bot was not strong at all. One hit from the enemy and Trash was out. If you're bot needs to train call up Trash because I’m sure it would be willing to be the punching bag. The bot was so weak it could not even defeat another bot that was the same size as it. Trash was the first bot out due to his weakness. Trash could not even make a dent on another bot. Our bot is dead due to how weak it was.

Our bot was the ugliest in the world! My groups bot was surely the ugliest because it had no color (except for brown and grey). Almost every part of it was bent. There was loads of duct tape on and was used for it. The “push your self scooter” was all broken and the noisiest thing on earth. Also we had drawn eyes on it that made him look ugly. Trash had also had a sticker that we put on him, but the sticker was ugly and i'm pretty sure that came off during battle. Our bot was hideous.

Cheese Dumpster Trash was not the best bot because it was ugly, weak, and poorly made. I said all these words because simply it’s true about the bot. Our bot was made out of trashy materials. Trashy materials such as cardboard and loads of duct tape. Our bot was horrendously weak. It never got past the first round it was put into. Our bot was extremely un good looking. Our bot was not colorful or neon cool like all the cool kids like them. Our bot was clearly the worst because it simply just failed in it’s lifetime.

This is the "Push your self scooter" Picture
This is also some rare footage of Cheese Dumpster Trash
This is Cheese actually smiling for a picture
This is a Side shot of Cheese (it shows a little bit of his back blade)

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