Learning Guide 4 Gavin roberson

In the three key reading I learned that photography is all about vision and how you see things. Before stopping to take pictures you have to see what you are going to photograph. Typical beginners will stop and look through the lens to then see what they want to take a picture of. Instead we should stop when seeing something worth photographing and then take a picture of the things that made us stop. To see the best objects to take pictures of you have to scan your area from right to left and study each tree and what makes that tree look unique. Another thing i learned is the term composition is not just virtual art but dance, music, literature and any other kind of art. Composition in photography is when you try to attract the viewers eye to a pattern of things in the image in a certain order. Coloring is one of the biggest importances in photography and knowing the levels of colors. The different colors between primary colors and your three levels after that can be determined through every image and is very good to know before taking pictures.

Good/Bad Assignment: This is my bad picture. I realize now that this picture is very original with nothing great about it. The backdrop of the sky is very little with no bright coloring along with a normal angle. Also I could have probably edit this picture to make it look a little more amusing or creative.
Good/Bad Assignment: This photo to me is way more creative with and little more of a exotic look. Unlike my bad image I put a small edit to allow more light into the image to show more of myself. Also more color is put into this image rather than my first image making it less boring for viewers.



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