Agriculture Andrew Schuster


The raising of animals and/or the growing of crops to obtain food for primary consumption by the farm family or to sell.

Subsistence Agriculture

  • People discovered now to farm
  • Food sources become more rebable
  • Could store their food
  • Able to settle down and establish Permanent settlements near their food

Subsistence Agriculture

Agriculture in which people grow only enough food to survive. Pastoral nomadism- is a form of subsistence agriculture based on the herding of domesticated animals. Most common type of agriculture in the world by % of people.

Intensive Subsistence AG

Lots of input for the outcome of the product.Feeds most of the ¾ of the world’s people who live in developing countries. Farmers work intensively to subsist on a parcel of land. Most of the work is done by hand or with animals rather than machines. Virtually all available land is used for production. Parcels of land are much smaller than elsewhere in world

Pastoral Nomadism

A form of subsistence agriculture based on herding of domesticated animals. Where: arid and semi-arid areas of N. Africa, Middle East, Central Asia Animals: Camel, Goats, Sheep, Cattle transhumance: seasonal migrations from highlands to lowlands. Most nomads are being pressured into sedentary life as land is used for agriculture or mining.


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