Day 1 Granville Island

The Long March

We took the subway to the Olympic Village Station and walked to False Creek. Originally, we had planned to take a ferry around False Creek, but when we got to the ferry dock, we decided to walk.

The seawall walk to Granville

The walk wasn't all that long but it proved a little difficult due to the sunny day. Nevertheless, the students pushed forward with little or no complaint (I did hear Tommy voice some displeasure). The beautiful scenery probably helped in this regard.

Scenery along the seawall walk

Time For Play

After about an hour walk, the kids were ready to cool down with some fun at the water park. Granville Island is a place where many different activities exist. It has entertainment, art schools, breweries, shops for food and handicrafts and places for children to play. One of these places is the false creek water park.

False Creek Water Park

Public Market

The kids played for quite a while at the park, so by the time we made it to the public market it was at the peak lunch hour time. The public market was quite crowded so we just had some food and ice cream while watching one of the public shows that happen in the square outside the market.

Ice cream and shows

Ferry Ride

We took a ferry ride across to David Lam Park. There we found another playground for the kids to relax at. After that, we played some frisbee and hacky sack. Around 5 PM we went to the subway station and headed home.

Ferry ride to another park

Supper Time

After shopping and preparing dinner, it was quite late. We ate supper and while the girls washed the dishes, I helped the boys work on some Trover posts (link below). Finally, we all sat down and planned our next days events. Slowly, the kids are understanding the merits of responsibility. Next, we need to get them to use more English.

The Long March Video

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