BBJNdesigns Architectural photographY

Launched in 2006, began its life as a graphic design business, specializing in logos, invitations, and posters. But Brent Niles soon realized that his photography - which was, at first, but one component of a whole - had become both the most popular, and the most rewarding aspect of his job.
Beginning with senior portraits, Brent quickly transitioned into family, then large event and wedding photography. Teaming with another professional, Mitch Harrison, they formed 241photography, and have to date photographed over 100 weddings, and are proud to be the official photographers of both the Landrun100 bike race, and Remember the 10, a race commemorating the ten individuals who lost their lives in the Oklahoma State University plane crash.
For BBJNdesigns, architectural photography soon followed, and quickly became Brent's favorite genre. Shooting for realtors, architects, and construction companies, Brent has photographed hundreds of properties, both new and old construction, from single apartments to theaters, stadiums, and high rise hotels.

Brent is based out of Stillwater, Oklahoma, but routinely travels to photograph projects in Kansas, Arkansas, and Texas.

His clients include Crossland Construction, Sentinel Transportation, Oklahoma State University, Penn Square Mall.


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