'Everyday Life' by Coldplay by Edward Ward

Coldplay have recently announced their first full length album in nearly five years via a strange advert in a small welsh newspaper and some cryptic social media posts.

The tracklist for their upcoming double album Everyday Life was revealed via an advertisement in the classified section of Wales’ Daily Post, including 14 songs and the album’s release date of November 22nd. The album is divided into two sections, Sunrise and Sunset. Guitarist Jonny Buckland confirmed the authenticity of the ad on twitter noting that he once worked at the newspaper in question: “I once had a holiday job at the Daily Post, placing photos of houses for sale,” Buckland wrote on Coldplay’s Twitter page. “I wasn’t very good at it.”

So what will it sound like? Well, the good news is the first tracks ‘Arabesque’ and ‘Orphans’ have already been released.

Orphans’ signals a warm return the sound of ‘Viva la Vida’ and ‘Mylo Xoloto’ with hand claps, samples and stadium ready choruses after the detours of ‘A head Full of Dreams’ and ‘Ghost Stories’.

But ‘Arabesque’ also displays some of the style of Coldplay’s debut ‘Parachutes’ with acoustic guitar rattling through some bluesy, New Orleans-style chord changes and sample of waves and street noise over dissonant electronic loops and drums and drums.

And the lyrics are even greater example of a return to form for Chris Martin’s writing ability. ‘Orphans’ has some great moments, talking candidly about child refugees and has (as I mentioned above) a storming chorus: ‘I wanna know when I can go/Back and get drunk with my friends/I wanna know when I can go/Back and be young again,’ harking back to the last album’s Beyonce collaboration ‘Hymn for the Weekend’.

What we can expect then, when the double album finally releases in its entirety, is possibly Coldplay’s best album to date and one that will cement their place as one of the defining acts of our generation.

Coldplay's eighth album, Everyday Life, will be released on Friday, November 22 on CD, vinyl, cassette and digital formats. The 53-minute double album is divided into two halves, Sunrise and Sunset.