Amy Lowell By Jessica Estabrook, Block 7

Background Information on Amy

Born on February 9 1874. Born in Brookline, Massachusetts. Youngest of 5 brothers and sister. Her parent were New England aristocrats. She was born into a wealthy family. Her eldest brother went to be president of Harvard college. Was tutored at home then attended private school in Boston. made several trips to Europe at that time. At seventeen she secluded herself in her father's 7,000-volume library to study literature. For a Lowell the women couldn't get much education. She was encouraged to write from an early age. ( while at her cousin's private school she was..."totally indifferent to classroom decorum. Noisy, opinionated, and spoiled, she terrorized the other students and spoke back to her teachers"(Heymann, p. 164)" She went on vacations with her parents a lot. She then later started a travel journal because she loved to write (modern american poetry).

What Amy wrote about

She was interested in poetry around the age 28. She wrote and published 650 poems. She was a Poet, Propagandist, lecturer, Translator, Biographer, and a critic. She was apart of the group "Imagist verse" she was a "unrhymed cadence" a non-methms of speech. a "unrhymed cadence" is a poem or piece of verse having such correspondence. A verse for poetry in a single line of poetry. It can also be called a stanza. (Poetry Foundation)

What inspired Amy to write Poetry

When she was in her 20's she loved reading anything and everything. She started collecting books. When she found out about poetry she wrote a testing poem to see of she liked it. Critics said "she was being to hard on herself" she described "the 71-line poem as having "every cliche and every technical error which a poem can have." she also said "It loosed a bolt in my brain and I found out where my tree function lay" There she knew she wanted to be a poet.

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