castle warfare moats and water defences

A siege is a task to defeat an opponents castle. The reason for a siege is to get into your opponents castle and take it over.

my weapon is a moat it is used to defend the castle because of its horrid smell. The reason for its smell is because the waste from the toilet is dumped into water and also some times they put alligators in side the water to. The smell made it very hard for attackers to dig tunnels to get up under the castle walls. it made it easier for the archer the shoot attackers because they are not standing right at the doors of the castle. moats were not very deep but they are very useful in many different ways.


Created with images by Sean MacEntee - "Beflast Castle" • sybarite48 - "Cuzion (Indre)" • exfordy - "Bodiam Castle northern bridge and bastion" • Elsie esq. - "Bodiam Castle southern wall" • Meditations - "battlements blue bodiam" • ell brown - "Sirmione - Castello Scaligero - drawbridge"

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