Strategies And Causes Of The War Of 1812 By: Israel Escobar

the war of 1812 was between the united states and great Britain from 1812 to 1815.
  • Impressment (forcing sea men of the U.S. to serve in the royal army)
  • repeal unfair regulation of american trade with European continent
  • Great Britain supplied the Native Americans with weapons to help them against U.S.
  1. fewer than 7,000 men and 6 war ships
  2. American strategy was called three-pronged (invasion on Canada)
  3. had a poor start and were obligated to surrender to a much smaller British and Indian force
  4. an attack in the Niagara river resulted in 900 american prisoners of war
  5. in 1813 America suffered new failures (defeat and capture of the american army in the swamps) had only a few victories at the end of the year and raised their spirits.
  6. Master-Commandant Oliver hazard Perry led a major naval victory at the battle of lake Erie were he successfully engaged 6 british
  7. in October 5 1813 major General William Henry Harrison captured the retreating British army and there native american friends and killed the Indian leader Tecumseh
British troops burning down the white house
  • Spring of 1814 Europe planned to invade the U.S. with 18,000 veteran troops
  • wanted to invade at three points (upstate New York across the Niagara River and Lake Champlain, the Chesapeake Bay, and New Orleans.)
  • At Niagara the american army outnumbered more than three to one and stopped British invasion in the north
  • Britain sent 4,000 soldiers in Chesapeake Bay coast and headed to Washington D.C. were untrained soldiers were protecting it. President Madison and his wife escaped from the British caring the nations treasures (declaration of independence and Gilbert Stuart's Portrait of George Washington.)
  • The British burned the White House as a humiliation to the nation
  • Britain next move was Baltimore and to get thru the city they had to pass thru a the fort McHenry protected by 1,000 american soldiers
  • British warships attacked Fort McHenry for 25 hours. they were at 2 miles of the shore enough were there weapons could reach the Americans and far enough were the american weapons couldn't reach them
  • Although they fired between 1,500 and 1,800 cannon balls the Americans handled the attack with only 4 soldiers killed and 24 wounded. The american flag was still waving hi in the air
  • January 8, 1815 british army with 10,000 men attacked New Orleans
  • Andrew Jackson defended New Orleans with a ragtag army including French pirates, Choctaw Indians, western militia, and freed slaves
  • British forces outnumbered the Americans 2 to 1. Sharp shooters and artillery stopped the invasion. Only 8 dead and 13 wounded. British casualties were 2,036. U.S. practically won.

American and British negotiators signed a peace treaty that had ended the war 2 weeks before the battle of New Orleans.


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