The Art of Yoga, Food & Community A True Story...

The story begins at a farm where each year, the farmers of Maizal cultivate corn using traditional farming practices...

The crop is then harvested with plenty of love and care

This love then manifests itself into food that can be brought from the farm to the table.

The fresh maize is then ground prior to the day of the Yogalicious event to turn them into delicious Tortillas for all the participating yogis. As the Yoga instructor cleans and mindfully prepares the space to welcome all the yogis for their intentional practice, the Brunch preparations are simultaneously going on in the kitchen. The goal is to create an atmosphere of love and oneness while building a sustainable community.

As the Restaurant floor is being prepared for yoga, the kitchen is now ready for the magic to begin. The Mind meets the Body, The Breath meets the Spirit and Food meets Yoga.

Fresh Maize (Nixtamal) is cleaned up by the chef for the Tortilla preparation...

Meanwhile, after a 15 minute initial relaxation that is provided through a guided instruction to each part of the body, the yogis are ready to start their 2 hour practice...

Gabriela's (The restaurant owner and chef) mom who has recently arrived from Mexico, decides to generously offer her ancestral knowledge of preparing a fresh Salad - we are calling it "The Unconditional Salad" that is good for the Heart and Sacral Chakras. All items on the menu have been carefully crafted by the Yogalicious team to help align various Chakras.

The Yogis are at the moment practicing spinal twists and conscious breathing.

The rich colors of the 'Unconditional Salad' are now alive and full of Prana (Electrical Energy)

"Yoga is not a workout, it is a work-in. All the internal work that yogis do helps balance the mind, creates a healthy body and brings consciousness in the community", says Vikram - the founder and lead instructor at Yogalicious Toronto.

Yummy 'Prana Puposas': The nourishing second course that positively affects the Root Chakra is now ready as the chef ensures they are crisp and crunchy.

Meanwhile, the yogis are progressing their practice into back-bends which cultivates a healthy spine, however, they are also cultivating something bigger - the ability to be flexible, open, adaptive and conscious through this effort.

Freshly ground Mexican Coffee 'Karma De Olla' is prepared to help with the Crown Chakra. This is typically served with a dessert - 'The Surya Namaskar Tamales' to activate the Solar Plexus Chakra

The Yogis are now activating their digestive system as they breathe into their spine and steady their breath to control their thoughts. Mindfulness is core to a proper yogic practice.

The chef adds her final touches to the "Namaste Pudding" that is made from Chia Seeds. This Pudding nourishes the Throat and Third Eye Chakras

The Yogis then reach up towards the skies with all the channeled energy that has manifested itself throughout their practice.

The Chef now begins the final plating as the Yoga class is coming to an end...

The Instructor then proceeds to bring the students on to the mat into a corpse pose for the final relaxation

The food is ready and so are the Yogis....

Finally, the Instructor encourages the yogis to participate in mindful, communal eating. One large table space is created at the same area where yoga was practiced and all the participants are encouraged to talk to each other while partaking in the freshly prepared meal of love.

The table is set, both the mind and body have been fed.
All the Yogalicious participants are blissfully recharged, refreshed and fed to their heart's content. They can now take this energy back into their communities.
The Chef & Yoga Instructor finally breathe a big smile of satisfaction after the event
Yogalicious Toronto hopes to expand to multiple restaurants around Toronto and other cities bringing together various traditional culinary practices combined with different styles and schools of Yoga
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Yogalicious Toronto


Margarita Tereshenkova Genevieve Claron Gabriela Ituarte Vikram Sainadh

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