4B11 Quinn Farrell My trip to Amarica

hello my name is Bob Jefferson .I was coming to america with my parents I was very rich so I was in 1st class. it was so much FUN! There was food and cola! I made many friends . I came from Ireland here is a map

but the best part of all was the Statue of Liberty most people were crying but I was't.

here is some stuff I learned about the statue

  • it was a gift
  • it is stepping forward
  • the torch stands for freedom
  • it is copper

Now i am living in California . it is warm ant wet just how I like all weather . I am staying now with the friends I made on the boat.I am a TV salesman I love my job.

the red is where I live

my favorite parts of the web quest

  1. the sounds
  2. the did you know
  3. the pictures



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