Lzf - Learn about Life Size All you need to know.

Real Wood Veneer Lighting

Life Size: Big Bird Suspension

As a new member of LZF’s Life-Size family, Big Bird was created by the designer Isidro Ferrer and built using a traditional craft technique called Vareta. While light radiates from Big Bird’s wooden plumage, a wood veneer globe hangs from its beak, like a ball of glowing nectar. Hovering vertically with fluttering wings, Big Bird has the agile appearance of a gentle humming bird.

Wood: Oak & Birch

Metal Canopy: Brushed Nickel.

2 Steel Cables & Transparent Electrical Cable.

Wood Sahde Colours: 20 Ivory White

120 - 277V Dimmable.

LED Integrated. 4000K.





Life Size: Koi & Kogoi

Part pendant, part sculpture, Koi is a dramatic and decorative light that appears as a surreal wood creature. Clever, playful and artistic, Koi is a carp whose being is the brainchild of Inocuo The Sign and LZF Lab.

Oak & Birch Wood

Wood Veneer Finishes: 20 Ivory White & 22 Natural Beech

Wood Veneer Diffuser

Brushed Nickel Metal Canopy.

4 Steel Cables & Transparent Electrical Cable.

120 - 277V Dimmable.

LED Integrated. 4000/5000K.

Koi & Kogoi (Child of Koi)

Life Size: Smelly Fant

Elephant is one of two Funny Farm animal figurines we chose to convert into a light sculpture. Like all elephants, it has big ears, a trunk, even its own legs, and a body standing more than a meter and a half tall.

Oak & Birch Wood, Wood Veneer Diffuser

LED Integrated: 230V or 120V

Available in 3000/5000K.

Red cloth cord Electrical Cable with On/Off Switch.

The Walking Fish

Fish is modeled on one of the original pieces by Isidro Ferrer, a friendly fish with legs which has become one of the first large-scale light sculptures within the Funny Farm project.

Oak & Birch Wood with Wood Veneer Diffuser

Red cloth cord Electrical Cable with On/Off Switch.

LED Integrated: 230V or 120V.

Available in 3000/5000K.

LZF was born in Valencia in 1994...

among friends, on the shores of the Mediterranean, that inexhaustible source of light, calm and joy. We found that wood cut into thin sheets attached to a light source was exquisite company.

We build lamps like someone who sows dresses, polishes jewelry or models sculptures. We create harmonic, elegant, unique shapes. We select each sheet according to its grain, according to its transparency, we choose its color and we look after it as if it were a luxury fabric, taking care that its properties are adequate to create each volume. We believe in the power of light - that it can change a person’s mood, alter an environment, create peace and harmony — and have worked to introduce lighting collections that have an illuminating, artistic impact.


Santiago Relanzon