• Promotion of new products and services (via Fax, phone and email) to increase sales.
  • Boosting Upselling of products.
  • Commercial support on marketing and promotional campaigns looking to increase effectively the strategies proposed by the client.
  • Contacting active customer to take orders and support RAM’s sales rate, retention and completion.
  • Prompt attention and response of customer´s inquiries and suggestions to increase satisfaction.
  • Appointment booking via phone calls, to increase potential customers list and sales.
  • Creating monthly reports with graphics to show results and effectiveness.
  • Follow up with inactive customers. Book appointment if necessary to re-open business opportunities.
  • Special focus on all customer´s inquiries and claims via 1-800 phone assistance.


  • Viapin´s Colombian Telemarketing team has over 11 years of experience with bilingual agents highly trained on different areas like customer services, sales and customer experience that add value to RAM´s labor increasing results on a daily basis.
  • Out team currently handles low desertion rate since Viapin offers excellent work friendly environment for workers.


  • We count with an schematic operation based on different scenarios to avoid any kind of outcomes that will result on operation failure.
  • We provide discretion and highly secure handling information processes between our agents and RAM´s.
  • Operation being handled on different cities on the US such as Virginia, Maryland, Washington and DC.


  • Logistical support creating and organizing data bases according to respective RAM´s and routes every day.
  • Uploading orders on Oasis.
  • Different date bases are handled on a daily basis from 9 different Sales Representatives.
  • More than 2500 orders of Hard Cards every month.
  • Our participation in sales currently is 95% over the total sales made by the sellers.
  • Over 6.000 calls per month.
  • Over 1.800 calls received per month.
  • Constant monitoring to assure a high quality during the calls.
  • Immediate feedback to the agents.
  • Different coaching processes, call handling, call flow.
  • Coaching on different products updated and companies services.


  • We count with different committees to ensure and come up with strategies focused on satisfying results.
  • Quality analysts skilled on coaching feedback, leaders working towards great results.
  • Wide experience in the long distance calling card market.
  • Great knowledge of IDT´s customer profile.
  • Our staff is constantly trained about customer service and telephone communication skills.
  • Use of cutting edge technological tools with up-to-date, real-time information.
  • Project leaders with a high capacity of analysis, ability to generate procedure reports and competitive strategies aimed at optimize office results.
  • A responsible, committed and dedicated staff.


Managers and Leaders’ Support

  • Commercial management and office director are committed to the project and have a high credibility when it comes to positive results every month.
  • The managers should perform constant follow-ups of the project’s results, and give regular feedback of both the vendor’s and the telemarketing agent’s operations.


  • There is a constant two-track communication between the sales representative and the telemarketing agents: by phone, e-mail and chat. In this way the sales representative is aware of what happens with his clients, is allowed to check sales in real time and also it provides the agent with last minute information regarding launches, products, Etc.
  • There is constant feed-back between the sales representative and the telemarketing agent in order to improve the processes.

Opportune attention

  • The sales representatives receive daily comments made by customers through reports and the Google doc’s tool. In this way they can follow up on their customers at all times.
  • Thanks to complete and up to date information the telemarketing agents and sales representatives can program visits to their customers, and deal with their concrete commercial requests.

Up to date Information:

  • Thanks to the Google Docs tool the sales representatives can constantly update client’s information. Based on comments made by the telemarketing agents, we have corroborated that through this tool they can contact their clients rapidly and offer them the necessary information.
  • The sales representatives give telemarketing agent in charge of their data base, clear instructions regarding management of their clients.

Delivery logistics

  • The office has arranged the delivery of their products, according to zone to be attended daily by the telemarketing agents; this provides organization, avoids mistakes, diminishes costs and insures meeting the customers’ expectations.
  • Activities are coordinated between the telemarketing team and the office.

Using resources

  • The information-exchange resources are available to agents, sales representatives and clients at all times: e-mail, local number, Google Docs and chat.


  • Increase Sales levels.
  • Placed orders according the routes.
  • New and potential customers follow up.
  • Expand Market coverage.
  • Customer support.
  • Promotion for new products.
  • Lower operation costs.
  • Decrease customer complaints and



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