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sandy deserts, amazing houses, cool camels + more

Qatar Information

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Camels slowly walking in the sand. Welcome to Qatar! Qatar is mostly deserts and you can find heat, dust storms, and sand storms. Qatar’s capital city is Doha. Qatar is known for oil and there are 7 oil fields in Qatar. You can get strong Arabic coffee called qawah. Qatar is in the Persian Gulf and it is on a peninsula. A peninsula is a piece of land that is surrounded by ocean on 3 sides. Qatar borders Saudi Arabia. The population was 2,328, 240 as of April 17th 2017.


its a bad idea to do sports in the desert

It is really hot in Qatar, it ranges from about 29oC to 42oC. In the deserts it can be very hot and humid. The deserts in Qatar are also known for being dry. It is more humid in the summer which is in June and July. If you go camping in the summer without water you can get dehydrated very easily.


In Qatar people celebrate something called National Day. The money earned from oil is used to build roads, hospitals and desalination plants. Qatar needs desalination plants because it does not get much rain so there is no fresh water for drinking. These plants take salt out of the sea so people can use it. In Qatar most women wear long robes and headscarves that cover their face except their eyes. This is because many people in Qatar are Muslims and they do this as a sign of respect to their God.

Most people in Qatar love snorkeling and people in Qatar also like other water sports. If you like all these things then i would highly recommend you to visit Qatar.


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