Communication is Key By connie simopoulos

Liberty Universities Nursing application is solely based on GPA and letter grades in specific classes.

There is a lack of knowledge about the students personality and important communication skills.

An interview process will allow the Nursing Board of Admissions to identify whether a student has the proper qualities aside from academics to be a nurse.

Hardworking students with lower GPA's but strong communication skills will be denied acceptance.

Patients family member is concerned because of the lack of communication to him. It is the nurses job to relay information to the families of patients.
Doctors are able to do their job more efficiently when they are informed of there patients status.

The patient is receiving information about her health from the nurses.

This information is crucial for the patient to understand; therefore, good communication is needed.

Because of the care and proper communication, the patient can be released from the hospital!

The patient is now home after being healed at the hospital.

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