Tectonic Plate Boundaries By: gavin davis

Convergent Plate Boundaries

A convergent plate boundary is when one plate slides into another and the more buoyant plate slides under the more dense plate. This can also be known as subduction. A convergent plate boundaries stress is Tension. Mountains, Volcanos, and Earthquakes form from Convergent plate boundaries.Convergent plate boundaries are occurring in the West Coast of South America, Cascade mountain range, Andes mountain range, and South American plate

Convergent plate boundary

Real life example Mid- Atlantic Ridge.

Transform Boundary

A transform boundary is where one two plates slide past each other. Many transform boundaries happen on the floor of the ocean, the San Andreas fault is transform boundary. Transform have a shear stress. The San Andreas Fault is real world event that happened because of a transform boundary. Scientist believe that the San Andreas fault is about to crack which means San Andreas has a big Earthquake coming. See more here. Thomas Jordan a Southern California earthquake scientist announced that the San Andreas Fault looks to be in a critical condition, which means it could have a critical earthquake at anytime which scared many people who live in California. The last the San Andreas fault erupted was 1857. The affects were part of California was split in half.

That is what a San Andreas fault would look like.

Divergent Plate Boundary

A divergent plate boundary is when to plates start to move away and go farther and farther away. Tensional stress is the stress found at a Divergent plate boundary. There folded mountains, mid- ocean ridges, ocean trenches, and types of Volcanos are found at Divergent plate boundary. There was a Volcanic eruption April 30th 2010 caused by a divergent plate boundary. This Volcano had been sleeping for 100 hundred years. A swarm of shallow earthquakes warned villages for them to be evacuated. Then Volcano erupted putting smoke up to 11km in the sky. This Volcano wiped out roads, building, and farmland.


Created with images by Glyn Lowe Photoworks. - "Mid-Atlantic Ridge - Iceland"

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