IAWRT in action media women across the globe 2019

The International Association of Women in Radio and Television worked for equality for media women and celebrated International Women's Day

In New Delhi, the 15th edition of the Asian Women’s Film Festival (AWFF) organised by IAWRT India, screened 50 films and held seminars and workshops .. creating a platform for women filmmakers. students and upcoming generations of young females.

The festival was held at the India International Centre (IIC), New Delhi on March 5, 6 and 7
In Norway, IAWRT launched its latest publication - A Handbook on Working Towards Gender Equality in the Media.

This handbook showcases on-the-ground initiatives from five key IAWRT chapters which have worked towards ensuring women have an impact in media.

Greta Gober (centre) authored the book, which was launched in Norway during an event organised by Kristine Ramm (right) Marie Melgård, Heidi Røsok-Dahl and other members from IAWRT Norway entitled "#MeToo-and now what?

The Norway gathering was yet another example of sharing experiences of working towards gender equality in the media. The handbook teases out some more strategies.

IAWRT Kenya used the results of the IAWRT study on gender representation in media staff, to kick-start the process of establishing a Gender Committee at the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation.

The chapter also focuses on preventing digital violence against women.

IAWRT Uganda partnered with organizations that shared the goal of advancing women, and began montorship of journalists.

It is now moving to a new stage of mentoring to create professional media women who are gender mainstreaming ambassadors where they work.

IAWRT India working on strategies to ensure the law protects women in the media industry. It developed strategies to support the proper implementation of the 'Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the Workplace Act' by informing women and giving them forums to speak about harassment.

More details on the work of the IAWRT chapters are in the Handbook on Working Towards Gender Equality in the Media available @ iawrt.org

IWD activities came in many forms

Members headed to the sixty-third session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. IAWRT USAorganised an NGOCSW63 parallel event.

Life after devastating disaster is empty, communities need to get together in one trusted voice to rebuild amidst anxiety and despair. Community radio can do that.

There is a need to prepare communities before disasters hit. Communities need to be educated in preparedness and not just concentrating on disaster’s after-effects. If communities are prepared in advance, they will be able to control the impact and the ability to rebuild lives afterwards.

IAWRT Cameroon members celebrated International Women's Day with their CRTV colleagues then headed to the USA for CSW 63. Chapter head Becky Bissong reported on the event to her Cameroon audience.

IAWRT Vice President, and safety trainer Abeer Saady, on one of her many sorties, went to Pakistan to conduct training for reporters in war or conflict zones, just as conflict increases on India and Pakistan's border region.

She then trained Libyan journalists, and was a judge for courage in journalism awards. Following a conference n Norway, she plans more examination of war coverage and extremists, war embedding, safety, and ethics in the Ukraine and is planning for training on fighting hate-speech in Lebanon

IAWRT's safety handbook for women journalists, written by Abeer Saady, and other safety information for female reporters is available from iawrt.org/safety

In New Delhi, IAWRT's documentary of women's stories of conflict, migration and exile is launched. The film is a collaboration between women film makers from The Philippines, Tunisia, Canada and India. the Executive producer is Chandita Mukherjee. More here

World Press Freedom Day 2019 global conference in Ethiopia was 1-3 May. General theme: media for democracy - journalism and elections in time of disinformation.

Rebecca Tandesse Hunde (Ethiopian IAWRT member) who live-streamed some sessions to members, Racheal Nakitare (IAWRT Kenya) KBC Television Programmes Manager, who moderated a session, with Violet Gonda (IAWRT President) and Kristin Skare Orgeret (Norway IAWRT) who made the welcome remarks at the academic conference on the safety of journalists session.

Grace Githaiga (IAWRT Kenya) was part of a closed meeting organised by the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) with African media stakeholders. Topic : The role of media in promoting good governance through the APRM.

The conference began with a minute's silence to honour journalists who have been killed. 2018 was the “deadliest year for journalists” with 99 killed, 348 detailed, and 60 taken hostage.

Such attacks along with the higher levels of harassment and attacks targeting female journalists are career-altering. and a part of declining media freedom across the globe.

On World Press Freedom Day 2019, IAWRT, called for vigorous support for free and independent media, and its defence in the face of declining media freedom globally.
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