Being 15 in England Charlotte Wilson Comp 9 Period: 6

England was founded nearly 780,000 years ago and is 50,345 mi around. With French being the official language for 300 years. In 43 A.D. Roman Emperor Claudius’s successful conquered after fail of Julius Caesar's Invasions. As for more current events some british spies accused of snooping, causing some serious legal issues.

Kids in England have many freedoms and options in school and their futures. Since teens are only required to go to school till they are 16 it allows them to have options (EDUCATION in ENGLAND). They can either keep going in school or start working so they have a choice of their futures. Kids have a lot of pressure to do well on the GCSE which can be stressful. It is stressful because it can affect their futures and jobs later in life (School Tests in England). Being 15 in England can be overwhelming but fun. It can be overwhelming from the load to succeed in school and tests. But fun because you can make some of your own decisions.

As teenagers in America I find a lot of connection with teens in England. 40% of kids are born into unmarried families and I connect to this because I have the same situation. This can cause stress on the kids and poverty for the parents (Family life in Britain). By putting other people into the perspective of how many people live in the situations of unmarried families changes the emotions of others and feel the emotions of them.

After learning all about England and how 15 year olds live there it is interesting to see the differences and similarities of everyone in America and England. One huge part that I had learned a lot about was the education there. How kids are able to have the freedom of leaving at age 16 and getting to start work. Another part was the family and learning about unmarried families as well. One big thing to take away from this is that being a 15 year old in England is stressful yet fun because of school and getting to have your own opinion.

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