Guns In The War Civil War Guns

Guns In The Civil War: There are so many different guns during the civil war including rifles, handguns, muskets, bullets, the colt root, colt police, colt pocket, Springfield and the peacemaker. At the time these were the best of the guns but after time has went on they have increased on everything. Over millions of Springfield were build and then bought for both sides of the war. The Spencer repeating rifle was one of the best guns in the war. It killed thousands of people. It was able to shoot 200-500 yards. The Civil War was by far the most deadly war in American history, with 620,000 deaths and further 1.1 million wounds. Part of this was because of the guns. These powerful guns were killing people back and forth until the war ended on May 9, 1865.

The union bought over 100,00 but these are some of the guns listed here.
These are some of the bullets during the civil war for the guns

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