HITLER YOUTH by Shelby Fulkerson

Journal Entry 1

"They're taking over the streets," George said to me when we passed yet another group of Hitler Youth boys. We watched our hands as their white socked feet cross us. You have to keep your head down around the HL because they're always looking to pick a fight. I heard it even gets them higher marks, or promotions in their class. What kind of of person promotes this kinda of stuff? Its like having rabid dogs in our streets. I'm relieved mother and father are against this monster taking over our country. I hope they dont begin to mandate boys joining the Youth. I'm not sure what I would do if I was in there. Charles x

Youth Boys

Journal Entry 2

I swear, the pro Nazi graffiti is growing more and more on the streets. It still bewilders me that there are people that support that guy. Murmurs are going around that they might mandate everyone to join the Youth. I hope mother and father speak up about this, I cannot bear the thought of being with those preposterous boys. Georges parents are considering making him join the Youth, but he doesn't want to. I bet they're worried Hitler might come after us too. I wait to see how it all turns out. Until next time, Charles x

Hilter Youth

Journal Entry 3

I attended my first Youth meeting today. What a different perspective on things. I learned about some information I had never known and, the boys in the group are not as mean as they come out to be! They were very welcoming and want to be friends. I did not see George at this meeting, I hope all is well with him. I would say I'd consider being a Youth boy, but its not being mandated yet. Some people are fighting against it. I'm not sure yet what I will do. Charles x

Hitler Youth Meeting

Journal Entry 4

There was another Youth meeting today and something said there just stuck with me, "the weak must be chiseled away". I pondered it for a while and that statement really got to me. My parents don't get it like I do. I can feel the disapproving looks they give me when I'm not looking. They know I have to go to these meetings. They're mandated. I just don't understand why their so upset that I've chosen to try and enjoy this despite it being forced. Charles x

Journal Entry 5

Sorry I've been away for so long, journal! In the past couple weeks I have been appointed to one of the head officers! It came after I heard someone mutter something bad about my spoken uniform. Those who think they can get by with such sayings are beyond me! So maybe he did get a swift kick to the face, and maybe a little more, but it got me up to the top of the ranks. I heard some news about George, he had been taken away for being part of the Edelweiss Pirates. Its a shame, but a deserved one it was. Ill miss him, but its good to not have a traitor like that behind me. Next time, Charles.

Hitler Youth

Journal Entry 6

Long time no write! I started this journal to keep track of all my things but I have not seemed to be doing very well, as I did start this journal many months ago and just have 6 entries... Oh well, its the thought that counts anyways. Also big news, I think my team might be being recruited to fight! I cannot wait to be on the front lines of this war against Bolshevik hordes and those Anglo gangsters. That less of what we need in this country, the less trouble the better. I have to go, its time to train. Wish me luck in this fight! Charles


Journal Entry ??

I left this morning. Mother was in tears but I don't blame her. Her most precious gift off to fight for her freedom and wellbeing, who could be more proud? And father wouldn't even look at me, it was a little hard to leave without either of them saying they loved me, but people deal with leaving in different ways. Oh well, they will love me when I get back! Oh how proud they'll of me for risking myself for their own good! How excited I am! Well, I have a long ride in front of me, I must get my sleep in. We go to the front lines in less than a weeks time! Charles

Hitler Youth

Journal Entry (whose counting anymore!)

I'm off to war tomorrow! Hitler, himself, came by to wish us all luck in our duties. I cannot wait for tomorrow, how will I ever sleep!? I will carry this notebook in my soldier pocket for safekeeping! I will update as the war goes on. Golly! Charles x

Hitler and Youth

I'm not sure if I should be writing in this... But to whomever read, reads, or is reading this. I found this poor boy on the frontline with a bullet wound to the heart. Although he has passed he was a great contribution to the Waffen-SS and this general will be honored well. IN this fight against the Russian front, it was an honor to serve beside you, boy. Rest in peace. (UNKNOWN)

Youth in war
Youth in War
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