When I think of the word shitty, I can't help but think of it like this picture.

Shitty to me is this in between state of laughing because you're just like "wow this would happen to me" and then crying because it actually sucks. Like when you drop your phone and the screen is cracked. You pick it up, see the damage and all you want to do is smack yourself in the face. To me, the writing process always seems like this version of shitty. Let's go take a peek into my writing process. I'm going to use weird pictures and memes because there really is nothing shittier than a meme.

waiting for the perfect idea to come to you

First of all, you always wait until the night before the project is due before you start. The added stress is what you live for! You finally admit to yourself that you really need to get started so you read the prompt and then sit around trying to think of an idea. You're super pumped about starting the process but then a few hours later, you still don't even know what you want to write about so you're just like "well shit". You start to think that you're not cut out for this whole creative process. Then you give up and go on your phone for a while, hoping you'll see something so original on social media (yeah definitely not going to happen) that'll you just have to write about it!

Let's just say for shits and giggles that you did find something original on the internet to write about. You have your great idea and so you open up the word document. You go to write the header and then remember that you're shit at MLA format so you google it. After a quick refresher, you type out your header and indent to the first line of your paragraph and then.....shit. You think "how the heck am I supposed to start this?" You have no idea how to come up with a creative hook so that people actually want to continue reading. Of course, you take a break, go on your phone, and hope you find the motivation to start this thing.

(this is where I actually took a break while writing this piece)

Somehow you pull yourself together and get back to work. You think "I'll just write. I can always come back and edit it once I'm done." Then by some higher power, you start writing and writing and writing and just can't seem to stop. You're on a roll and actually enjoying this!!! Who would have thought.

this is funnier in gif format

You get to the end of the paper or narrative and just lean back looking at all those words. You reread it a few times and edit a few grammatical errors or add some detail. You read it once more and decide that you should become a writer because it would be a shame to waste all of this talent. I mean, come on you could seriously make bank from all the books you could sell. This next video represents the dance party that's going on inside your head knowing that you're actually done with this paper.

By now its three or four (or a lot of) hours after you started this thing. You're finished so you go to turn it in then... PANIC

You realize that you're actually not a New York Times Bestselling author so your paper really isn't that good. You read it one more time and think "wow this is actually kinda shitty..." Then you remember that its due today and say "f it" and turn it in anyway.

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