Forced Labor by: Shakhzoda Tolibova

According to Kanne Lepilez the main idea about this subject is that "21 million people in China are victims of forced labor ". Did you know that 60% of the world is forced . In different countries more and more people are suffering from legal slavery.

Number of people forced to work in the world.

Another idea is by Corne, and he said " forced labor is the type of enslavement used across the world to produce many products , like the famous shoe company NIKE. The fishing textile , constructions mineral , and industries are particularly laced with forced laborers.

People are forced to work against their will.

Forced labor is different from substandard or ex-political working conditions found in some factories, and employment opportunities worldwide.Victims of unfair or low wages ,like those sweat shops are not enslaved. Forced labor is any work or service which people are being forced to do.

This is what forced labor looks like in real life.
People work under harsh conditions receiving little or no pay.
No freedom

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