Gone Joseph wakefield


That kid got the smartest mouth on him.

We're always on each other

just running our mouths

or cracking jokes

He stay talking bout he gonna knock me out

always trying to hit me or something

Tariq is the type of annoying lil kid that runs his mouth 24/7.

he just really trys to get under your skin so i cant fault anyone for getting heated at him.

but no matter how much he pisses me off ive always seen potential in him.

when i was younger i became sciss's right hand man.

you know one day i could see tariq being mine, kinda like a lil lieutenant but now thats not gonna happen.

When i seen tariq pull that strap out i was so proud.

i thought this kid is king material and i heard the gunshot but it wasn't tariq doing the blasting.

it was that pale brother and now my lil homie is gone.

words borrowed from How It Went Down by kelka Magoon


Created with images by pat00139 - "Street"

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