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Kkel Wavvy's newly released album "Intoxicated" is a perfect display of her trap-pop (trop) style. Through the album she speaks on childhood/personal struggles; including her father and mother not being present in her life, which is brought to the table in "Pain". Addiction, depression, and suicidal thoughts are deep rooted in the song "Pray for Me" and throughout the album as well.

Kkel Wavvy: "I was at a low point in my life when constructing the album, feelings overwhelmed and drowned in my sorrows I decided to self medicate and put all my emotions into music; thus the title “intoxicated”."

Intoxicated - Album

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Kkel Wavvy (pronounced “wavvy”) is an independent artist who hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Kkel Wavvy began rapping at the unprecedented age of only 8 years old, taking after her mother whom she had witnessed rapping growing up. When asked In an interview “how would you describe your music?” she responded “Trop". It’s a sub genre that I kind of created myself because my sound is a mixture of trap and pop music, so I just call it ‘Trop.’” You can hear the Philadelphia native screeching out the self proclaimed sub genre in almost all of her tracks, as well as shoutouts to her hometown. Kkel Wavvy’s biggest goal is simply to make music that she enjoys in hopes that others will enjoy it as well. So far, Kkel Wavvy has been featured on mixtapes put together by the likes of Atlanta’s own Prince of the south “Lil Scrappy” and New York’s former Dipset group memeber “Juelz Santana.” We can only imagine what the future may hold. This is only just the beginning!

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