The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt By: Jordan kramer

When I first arrived at the play, we waited outside for a little before entering the auditorium. The line to get into the play was very short. When i entered, I was surprised to see such an intimate theatre. The seat locations were pretty much equivalent throughout the theatre since it did happen to be so small. I felt excited when the lights dimmed and the audience got quiet, because it meant that I would get to experience the show for myself. The role of the place in good life is that there are many different ways to experience a certain setting. For this play, everyone's place was very similar so we all probably had similar experiences to share. However, the Good Life allowed me to see the performance, something that I probably would not have done otherwise.
I was lucky enough to attend the play with a few of my friends, which made the experience better than it would have been otherwise. I attended with my friend Arielle, and we then met up with my friend Amanda. To get ready for the performance, I read a little bit about the play to get a background on what I was going to be seeing. I also made sure that I was dressed appropriately by wearing business casual clothing. Sharing experiences allows you to grow a closer bond to those that you share them with and allows you to discuss ideas and open up to new thoughts. Hearing other people's perspectives on certain subjects is interesting and can help you see things in a new light, enhancing your experience.
This play helped me understand what life was like over a century ago. Now, in our own culture, there is still a distinct division between how the rich and the poor are treated. The story took place in 1905. It showed the division between the working class and the wealthy. I can relate the play to today's times because I know that peole are still not treated with equality. This performance did not change my views since I knew a little bit about the division between classes before the play. It did, however, hep me to understand the subject a little more. This does not have a relationship to something happening in my own life right now.
There are certain topics that are strange or uncomfortable for people to talk about, and theatre gives an audience the opportunity to delve into these subjects. The Divine provides an opportunity for Katharsis because it shows us about life back in the 20th century, and how it should not be like this today. The play discussed inappropriate and uncomfortable topics that people do not necessarily discuss today. This topic is certainly avoided and the play allowed us to shine a light on the division between the classes and discover that maybe it isn't so uncomfortable to talk about after all.

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