How to Become a Baker By eddy pan

Description: This person mixes and bakes ingredients to make breads, pastries, and other types of food that is baked. Some personal qualities a baker must have is attention to detail, integrity, cooperation, and achievement and effort. Some skills a baker needs to be successful are figuring out how to do new things, changing what is done based off of people's reactions, communicate by speaking, and keeping your arm or hand steady. They work in bakeries or in others' homes. To become a baker, you need to have a High School Diploma or no High School Diploma/ GED. You also need education and training, work experience, and an oral written exam. Their salary average (per year) is $24,170 (£19,356.13).

Bakers don't make a lot of money, so to become a baker, you have to like it a lot.
This is a chef cooking.

To make this achievable, I made a goal. My overall longterm goal is that I will become a chef or a baker after I finish college. As a shorter term goal, I will read cookbooks as a hobby once a week and make the recipes three times a week. I will also help my mom and dad for cooking whenever I can. I will cook for my family once a month this year. To improve my cooking skills, and enhance my knowledge of food, I will go to restaurants and ask the real cooks how they make their food taste better. Finally, I will bake pastries for my family at least once a week for the rest of this month.

This is a finished meal.


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