Mrs. Murry's Art Room Classroom Layout

To design my classroom, I used Classroom Architect by

This layout allows a lot of freedom for students. I could use it for instructional/performance based lessons as well as choice based lessons. If students finish an activity early, there is a "relaxation corner" where I would have art history books, guided drawing books, and possibly iPads for watching guided drawing videos. The storage areas along the bottom wall would double as work tables, which would be perfect for doing clay work. Students could choose to stand or sit in this area while they work. Ideally this is also where I would keep a slab roller, extruder, and tubs for storing clay if I had those supplies. Easels are located along the top wall for large scale drawing or painting, and a storage unit with such supplies is just below and to the right. Students may access their paint shirts on the clothing rack near the easels. I chose to put the cleaning station with two sinks in the middle of the classroom to allow for quick and easy access from all art stations, and it also has storage next to the sink for paint brushes and other supplies. On the left wall, I included a lecture/presentation area with a projector, a table, and seating for students. Numerous bulletin boards hang on the walls for art display. My classroom has two doors to help with possible traffic flow. I debated whether or not to include windows and opted to exclude them in the end. While windows would offer natural light, I considered the safety of my students. Windows allow dangerous people too easy access to students, and with the numerous incidents of school shootings in recent years, I decided I was willing to sacrifice natural light for greater security.

Below is an example of art room safety rules I might use for upper elementary grades due to some snarky language:

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