The Cenozoic Era By: MacKenZie Maxwell

Then Cenozoic Era is sometimes called the Age of Mammals, because the largest land animals have been mammals at this time.

Several of the world’s foremost mountain ranges, including the Alps, Himalayas and the Rocky Mountains, were formed during the Cenozoic Era.

Among the common plant life were pines, mosses, oaks and grasses.

Each period of the Cenozoic Era experienced a different climate.

Paleogene Period:

The Paleogene Period marks the beginning of the Cenozoic Era. It began 65 million years ago and lasted more than 40 million years.

Paleogene Period (Climate and Geography)

In the beginning of the Paleogene Period the climate was very warm and moist compared to today's climate. Much of Earth was tropical at this time.

As for the changing landscape, the continents drifted apart during the Paleogene Period, creating vast stretches of oceans. This had a significant impact on the climate and marine life surrounding each continent.

Paleogene Period (life)


Mammals mainly evolved during the Paleogene Era these are a few!

  • Dogs, Cats, pigs, toothed whales.
  • Bats, Elephants, whales, Eohippus - The first horse.
  • Condylarths - Ancestors of modern hoofed herbivores.

Due to the widening of the oceans,sharks, whales and other marine life proliferated. The Great Lakes that formed in the western United States during the Paleogene Period were the perfect home for bass, trout and other fresh-water species.


Neogene Period:

Neogene Period (Climate and Geography)

The Neogene Period saw a drastic cooling.

Neogene Period (Life)


The Neogene Period gives rise to early primates, including early humans. Bovids, including cattle, sheep, goats, antelope and gazelle, flourish during this period.


Quaternary Period:

Quaternary Period (Climate and Geography)

During the Quaternary Period the climate was cool.

During the Quaternary Period, glaciers covered central North America, extending as far east as New York, south to Kansas and Nebraska and west to the northern West Coast. The Great Lakes were formed as the glaciers receded.

Quaternary Period (Life)


Cave lions, sabre-toothed cats, cave bears, giant deer, woolly rhinoceroses, and woolly mammoths were common species of the Quaternary.

Humans evolve and migrat to every continent except Antarctica.

Saber toothed cat
Woolly mammoth



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