Highrise Challenge By: Patrick devlin

1/25/17 Objective: To accumulate the most points in 3 attempts of the Highrise Challenge.

Criteria: 1. Robots must fit into the 30 cm cubed dimensions box to be eligible to complete. 2. Each member of the team must record at least one attempt in the challenge.

Think: Today, we plan on constructing the claw bot. We will follow the instructions until we have completed the original design of the claw bot. After we are done building wand testing the claw bot, we will modify it to make it more efficient.

1/26/17 Think: Today, we will keep on building our claw bot. Looking at the step we are at, I don't think we will finish today. Hopefully, we can get to about step 60.

Do: We did make pretty good progress today. We got all the way to step 63, which was past our goal. We finished and attached the claw part.

1/27/17 Think: Today, we are going to try to finish the original design of our claw bot. Right now, we are on step 63. We want to get the final step, step 87. When we finish that, we will test it and make necessary modifications.

1/30/17 Think: Today, we are going to finish the final step on our robot. After that, we will see how many blocks the robot can stack to see what modifications we need to make. Most likely, we will have to make the claw longer so it can stack blocks higher.

Do: Today, we were able to finish constructing our robot. We took it out onto the competition field to see how many blocks it could stack. I was only able to stack 3. Unfortunately, we were unable to make any modifications today.

2/1/17 Think: Today, we need to fix our robot. A piece of it came off and the claw won't move up and down. After we finish, we will test it to see if it can stack blocks again.

Do: The problem was the piece in the motor came out. We were able to put it back so it could make the arm go up and down again.

2/2/17 Think: Today, I will be making height modifications to my claw bot. I will be making the arm holding the claw longer, so it can stack more blocks. When I finish that, I will test how many blocks the claw bot can stack.

Do: The robot can now stack a lot more blocks. With the longer arm, I can now stack 3 blocks on the of the base block. The only problem is that the longer arm is harder to control because of its weight.

2/3/17 Think: Today is the final day for making modifications. My robot is pretty much ready to go for Monday. I am going to test it today on the course and get ready for Monday's challenge.

Do: I spent most of the day testing the robot on the corse, In 1 min 30 sec, I was able to score 30 points. It took a little time to stack the 2nd block because the arm is hard to control.

2/6/17 Think: Today, we will be doing our highrise challenge. Usually, my partner David is the driver, but he's not here, so I will have to do all the driving. Right, now I don't have any specific strategies.

Do: Today, I scored 20 points in the highrise challenge. First, I stacked one blue block which was 10 points. Then, I stacked one green block which was another 10 points.

2/7/16 Think: Today, we will be doing round 2 of our challenge. I will also be driving again today because David isn't here. My strategy is to stack 1 block on the blue, then one block on the green, then 1 more on the blue.

Do: Today, I only scored 1 point. The problem was I couldn't position the claw so it would drop the block on the base block. If David is here tomorrow, he will drive.

2/8/17 Think: Today, we will be doing the 3rd round of our highrise challenge. I will not be driving today because David is back. We are going to try to make a stack of 2 to score 30 points.

Do: Today, we only scored 2 points. When putting on the 2nd block, the stack fell down. In the end, we scored 23 points.

2/9/17 Think: Today, we are supposed to fix up our spark page. I am missing a think from 1 day, and 3 do's from 3 other days. Next, I will send the link to myself and submit it to google classroom.

Do: Today, I finished all the Think and do's I had to do. I also had to help david out because he missed 4 days of class. I helped him with his Think and do's.

Conclusion: In the end, my team scored a total of 23 points. We had some successes and some put backs. One of our successes was that we were able to score more points than some of the other teams. Also, we found an efficient way to balance our robot. We added a stick parallel to the ground in the front and in the back. Also, we added some extra weight to the back of the robot. One of our put backs was actually one of our modifications. In the beginning, me team decided that making the arm holding the claw longer would enable it to stack more blocks. Unfortunately, that's not how it turned out. The arm was hard to control, due to its weight. It was very difficult to make slow and precise movements with the arm. We did try balancing out the weight, but those things didn't have a dramatic effect on the performance of the robot. Overall, I thought my team was fairly successful in the Highrise Challenge.

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