Taoism By Katelin Avila

Taoism (Daosim): is a religious or philosophical tradition of Chinese origin which emphasizes living in harmony with the Tao.

Origin Story:

Taoism is universal religion. Hearth is prehistoric China. Date of founding 551-479 B.C.E

Diffusion, Disperal, and Evolution:

In the spread of Taoism, people will spread the writings and sayings in their religion. This particular religion focuses on mysterious and magical aspects of life. It diffused in East and Southeast Asia (Taiwan, Vietnam, Combodia, Korea, and Japan).

Major Branches: Religious Taoism (originating from the celestial Masters movement during the late Han Dynasty), Philosophical Taoism (based on the texts Dao De Jing and Zhuangzi), and Folk Taoism (Chinese folk region).

Major Denomination: 'Southern' Taoism (popular in Taiwan and South China) and 'Northern' Taoism (unknown to Westerners, but practuses among modern Taoists in mainland China.

Major sects: Literati Daoists (members of educated elite who focus on Daoist ideas), Communal Daoists (members of organized Daoist groups that follow daojiao or the 'Daoist teaching', and Yangsheng (focus on self-cultivation and known as pactitioners of yangsheng or "nurturing life."

The Sacred

Symbols Associated: Ying-Yang Symbol, Taijitu Shuo, 5 Element Chart, Ba Gua, Lo Pan Compass, He Tu and Luo Shu Diagrams, Nei Jing Tu, and Guodian Bamboo Strips(in the background).

Some images of the symbols associated

This is 5 Element Chart:

Ying-Yang Symbol:

He Tu & Luo Shu Diagrams

Major Beliefs: (1) Ch'i (in the background), (2) Death & Afterlife, (3) Immortals, (4) Purpose of Life, and (5) The Tao
Scared Texts: (1) Tao-te Ching (cover in background), (2) Chuang-tzu, (3) Lieh-tzu, (4) Kuan-tzu, (5) Ling pao Ching, and (6) T'ai-p'ing.
Places of worship: (1) the Gong, and (2) Daoguan

The Gong Temple:

Scared Spaces: five sacred mountains of Taoism, north (Hengshan in Shanxi province), south (also called Hengshan), east (Taishan in Shandong), west (Huashan in Shaanxi; in the background), and center (Songshan in Henan).


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