Food Scarcity By : DANiela Lima

Essential Question :

How can we as CMS students demonstrate how to solve food challenges in our local and global communities?

We as students can show how to solve food challenges by planting a crop garden. When you planting a garden brings too many challenges such as excessive rain, sunlight, pests , etc. In Duluth the month of December gets to have many rains , cloudy days , and too much air with what would become a huge challenge.The price would depend on how big it would be.

Learning Target :

I can demonstrate how to solve food challenges in our local and global communities through subsistence farming.


•In the 21st century there are several individuals in communities and globally that struggle to have a hot meal every day.

•In a community financial challenges may allow individuals not to have a meal,

•While on a global basis environmental issues such as deforestation, desertification, lack of water and water pollution may also be a challenge for the citizens of a country in growing crops for food.

•Lack of food can result in malnutrition that can finally lead to death.

•It is said ‘give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish for and you feed him for a lifetime”

Timbuktu , Mali

16.766589 N - Latitude

-3.002561 W - Longitude

The region of Mali is Sahara .

Kel Tamasheq , Songhay and Arabas are the main ethnic groups who are the original settlers of Timbuktu.

The principal irrigated crops grown in the Niger River valley are corn and rice .

Crops that grow on the desert :

Rice :

It is a tropical and subtropical crop , although the largest production in the world is concentrated in tropical humid climates , but it can also be grown in humid subtropical and temperate climates. The rice takes 4 to 5 months to grow. The rice is a crop that contains many benefits to your body such as : energy source, skin care , cholesterol free , cardiovascular health, and blood pressure. Rice is one of the most widely used foods and is eaten around the world, as it can keep people healthy and alive, even with small amounts .

Corn :

Heat stress and drought intensify damage to corn. The recent high temperatures, record numbers of days above 90° F , and in some locales 100°F. This plant of up to 6 meters in height. Grows only once a year. Corn is rich in carbohydrates and protein. Eating corn contains many benefits like : Helps fight anemia, stimulates appetite, helps reduce the risk of colon cancer, strengthens the brain , etc .

Mangoes :

Mangoes are cash crops. Cash crops are those which are reproduced for the purpose of generating cash or money. Individual farmers just naturally grow cash crops as a livelihood and to generate cash for the family's needs. Mangoes are a strictly tropical fruit. They love the tropics. The best climate to grow mangoes is frost free, with cool, dry winters and steamy, hot summers. Mango trees that were grown in a nursery are usually grafted and should fruit within 3 to 4 years.

I choose these crops because the temperature at which they grow is apt for a place like the desert and they have too many benefits for our body. They are many challenges that some of them can be excess of rain in the area and all the pests that are come to find in the desert. The environmental issues may affect the crops in the lack of water.

Math Summary :

We launch the project starting to plant the radish and calculate the cost. The packet is about all how much money did we spent to grow the radish. We work different types of problems for the different parts of the packet as : proportions ratios , fractions , multiplications , divisions , addition and subtraction. I discovered how much money , soil , and seeds did we need to plant crops in the region of Africa.

Science Summary :

We planted a radishes to demonstrate the challenges of food around the world.

The most difficult challenge that I had was to keep my plant always hydrated / alive.

It was easy in one part because we only need to put water into the plant but it was difficult to keep the plant alive because you had to put the correct amount of water.

This would relate to solving food challenges worldwide because in some certain places places in the world don't have enough water or can't get the water because of the climate, therefore plants can't survive with that type of condition.

Photosynthesis is important for plant growth because every organism needs energy to reproduce and grow, photosynthesis is responsible for giving energy to the plant and keeping it alive.

The relationship between water and the plant growth is that it grows depending on the amount of water , this is important because a plant cannot grow if It doesn't have healthy roots , so the proper balance of water is the key when growing plants.

We can increase the rate of plant growth by choosing a healthy soil, a temperature appropriate to the growth of the radish and the quality of irrigation of water.


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