The Importance of Awareness stigmas can be necessary

The misuse of alcohol can effect everything about daily life. It can makes it seem as if you're not all the way there. It effects your actions, thoughts and emotions. The character of a person can be altered.
Alcohol Abuse effects more than just the abuser. It can lead to broken families and has a lot more to do with those that are close than one might think.
History has seen the failure of Prohibition. Banning alcohol obviously will not work and frankly, is not necessary. Alcohol can be safe and fun if used in an appropriate way.

Students, However, need to be aware of the more long lasting effects of alcoholism. They know about a hangover; but what they don't often think about is the lives that alcohol has drastically changed.

High school Juniors should be required to take a course that informs them of the reality of a life effected by alcohol abuse. A main component of this class should be personal testimonials from people who have been directly effected by either being the abuser or being close to someone who has been.

The people willing to talk to these kids are there because they have been brought to their lowest point and are making an effort to prevent young people from making the same mistakes that they did. These people will not be hard to find considering how many lives are torn apart by alcohol every day in America. They were part of the problem and now realize they wish to be part of the solution.
Not only is this concept the most effective in teaching, but it is also the most cost effective. No travel expenses will need to be paid. Students will remain in the classroom while also receiving applicable and moving material.
This course is meant to open the eyes of kids who may be naive of the long term effects of alcohol. It is meant to make students think twice before beginning a lifestyle they may one day lose control of, after listening to someone who has lost everything.
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