CR7 Best player in the world.

This is him in the 2010 World cup in South Africa.

This is his first balon d or.
This is his 2 balon d or.
This is from 2016 when his team Portugal won the Euro cup.
He and his team won the Champions League against Atletico De Madrid.
This is his 3rd balon d or for being the best player in the world.
This is Ronaldo at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.
This is Ronaldo shutting up all the haters.
This is Ronaldo when he played in England with Manchester United
These are some of many trophies of Ronaldo.
Ronaldo is the best player and thats that.


Created with images by CDeahr23 - "Ronaldo vs. FC Schalke 04" • gunthersimmermacher - "cristiano ronaldo world cup 2010 portugal" • Simon Harriyott - "Ballon D'Or" • Simon Harriyott - "Waxwork with Ballon D'Or" • NazionaleCalcio - "Cristiano Ronaldo entra di diritto nella leggenda" • Simon Harriyott - "Champions League Trophy" • Ben Sutherland - "Cristiano Ronaldo's 2008 European Player Of The Year award - the Ballon d'Or" • NazionaleCalcio - "Ronaldo: il migliore marcatore della storia degli Europei" • Ajithpoison - "DV1579521" • tpower1978 - "UEFA Champions League" • Simon Harriyott - "Trophies" • NazionaleCalcio - "Francia-Portogallo, Ronaldo-Griezmann, in palio un posto nella storia"

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