NC State recycles

Over 627,288 pounds of recyclable papers & containers end up in NC State's waste-to-landfill each year. These common recyclables comprise nearly 20% of NC State's waste stream.

By recycling these materials, NC State canĀ save both environmental and economic resources while creating jobs in the recycling and manufacturing industries.

Recycling 101 at NC State University

Step 1: Be Wary of the Recycling Symbol and Number

A recycling symbol and/or a number on a package does NOT mean that an item can be recycled on campus, in the City of Raleigh, or even in the State of North Carolina!
What can, or cannot, be recycled is entirely dependent on our LOCAL recycling vendors and their processes...not on the symbols & numbers on a package!

Step 2: Know Where to Go For Answers

NC State's Waste Reduction & Recycling (WRR) office manages all waste and recycling for campus and is the best resource to help you identify what can be recycled on campus.

Utilize WRR's online Recycling Guide for information on accepted recyclables and where to properly dispose of them on campus.

WRR also hosts numerous events, presentations, and outreach activities on campus to assist with recycling education.

Step 3: Know what to Throw-- in the Recycling Bin!

These items are accepted in recycling bins, carts, and dumpsters across campus!

Step 4: Know what to Throw-- in the Landfill Bin!

There are many plastic & paper-like products that people assume can be recycled- but they are NOT recyclable! These contaminants devalue the resale value of true recyclables and can jeopardize our relationships with local vendors. Contaminated recyclables have also created havoc for the US national economy and recycling industries across the country.

The following items are NOT accepted in general recycling bins on campus. For proper disposal, contact WRR and/or visit recycling.ncsu.edu.

Plastic bags, food, and hazardous waste in our recycling bins & dumpsters are contaminates that can result in entire loads of materials being sent to the landfill. This is a major loss of both environmental and economic resources.
Remember plastic bags can NOT be placed in a general recycling bin! Clean and dry plastic bags should be taken back to your local grocer for recycling OR they should be placed in a landfill bin.

Step 5: Recycle

Use the 5,000+ bins, carts, & dumpsters available on campus to recycle!

They come in many shapes & sizes, but NC State's recycling containers will always be clearly marked with accepted materials.

For more information on recycling at NC State, please

Waste Reduction & Recycling | recycling.ncsu.edu | 919.515.9421 | recycling@ncsu.edu

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