Art Portfolio Ariana Rodriguez

I am Ariana Rodriguez and this is my first year of high school art. I took beginning drawing to improve my art skills because it's something I have been wanting to learn more. I am Hispanic and soccer is a sport I enjoy playing and watching. My future goals are to be a physical therapist or just having a job I really enjoy. I would like to attend a college in Texas. I think this class definitely was good and taught me to draw better. I learned that it isn't easy to draw and there are a lot of elements within a piece of art.


Above are images of drawings that were drawn with blind countor. These were taken while I was looking away. This revels how the line and placement of each piece matters in order to make the drawing look correct.

Upside down drawings

The upside down drawings were a little hard to draw. When drawing these I focused on shared adjacent spaces and angles. I transferred the lines as closely as possible.

This is my positive negative drawing of a butterfly. This was one of my easier pieces because I didn't pick a very challenging picture to draw. I had to focus on the shapes and space of the positive and negative areas.

Before and After Hand

My hand before was a rough drawing. This drawing had cross hatching to make the marks on your hand to make it appear realistic. I added value lines to show the darker and lighter spots. Outlining the hand with an eraser added a lot of value. Overall I think this piece would have been better if I had more time.


The profile picture was one where I could have blended and added more detail to make it look more realistic. I did add somewhat value into this piece, but I feel like I could have done better on this piece by making every piece the right size.


For my stippling I drew something I really liked which were soccer cleats. For this piece it was easy to transfer the image, but making sure the value was correct was difficult due to the number of dots.

My still life was a harder one to draw because I didn't really do it in the right size. I could have enlarged it better to add more detail. Overall I think this piece had great value and effort.

Scratch board

I think that my scratchboard was one of my least favorite piece to draw. Mainly because that was like the first time I had used that tool to form the image. It was hard to add value, but I know that I could have done much better on this drawing.

2 point perspective

My two point perspective was one of my favorite drawings. This piece included cross hatching, horizon and the vanishing point. Cross hatching is a technique used to create shading effects by drawing close parallel lines. This made shadows in the picture. The vanishing point is where the lines need to all meet up to know they are in the right spot. Together these rules make the picture look real. For sure this drawing was made up of value and lines.

Self Portrait

I feel that I did improve from my rough portrait to my final one. I added value and learned how to draw each piece that goes into a face such as the eyes, mouth, nose , lips ext. I learned how to blend the lines more.

Roscha Ribbon Drawing

The ribbon drawing felt very easy to me. It really consisted of value and blending. When blending you have to focus on light and heavy pressure in order to make it look like the image. I believe this drawing came out similar and really good.

Overall throughout this class I learned a lot of information about the effort and rules with the elements of drawing. Using these helped make drawings I thought I would never be able to draw. I definitely had some challenges along the way such as time and blending the value correctly, but I managed to make through it. Things I enjoyed were the new assignments and learning more types of art. It may seem that art is irrelevant, but it is important and all around us.

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