Why? Our planet is getting hot?

Did you know that when you turn on air condishners, you are causing global warming? Air condishning releases greenhouse gases which are the principal reason why global warming is occuring. You are the person who makes polar bears loose their environment.
global warming impacts worldwide. Polar bears spend half of their year living on land, and rest in the frozen ocean. They hunt seals while living on the ocean, but while on land they have to eat little or even sterve. It's a really sad situation, but that's how their life works. Polar bears has a specific season when they hunt baby seals which is called critical season, but nowadays they cannot go on hunting because of global warming because the tempreture of the water is not enough cold to freeze. According to my research, Hudson Bay's freezing time in Canada has increased like 20 days which means polar bears spend less time on ice. Because of that reason, polar bear's reproduction and population had decreased.
Global warming is also the reason why climate changes occurs which causes ice and glaciers melt. Climate changes can make changes to earth's surface that are natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, or droughts.
Earth's atmosphere is surrounded by many layers of gas that helps the sunlight that reflects the sunlight that comes inside earth. But in the other hand, there are other gases that can destroy the atmosphere. The first gas is carbon dioxide. carbon dioxide can be released naturally like breathing, volcano explosions, human activities such as deforestation, making changes to land, and burning fossil fuels. HUMANS CAUSE TO INCREASE THE AMOUNT OF CARBON DIOXIDE IN THE ATMOSPHERE, because the technology had improved and many big industries cause air pollution. Carbon dioxide is the gas that mostly forced global warming. Methane gas is also the main gas that causes global warming too. This gas is released by both human activities and nature such as landfilling wastes and livestocks. Livestocks releases methane gas when they digest by burping. Somehow methane gas produces greenhouse gases 23 times stronger than greenhouse gases that carbon dioxide produces, which means methane gas is even more harmful than carbon dioxide.
Now let's make a better world! First we can make even small changes.
There plenty of global warming solutions. At first, we can work all together to make the earth great again. Some habits could be recycling, turning off lights, riding less vehicles, walking, and even more things we can take action. Some scientists are doing experiments that could be the solution for global warming. As I already mentioned, cow or pig’s gas or burp releases methane gas, so some scientists are researching to change the chemicals that are inside in the gas and burp, to change their manure, or even insert other chemicals. Some are even facing to the ocean. German scientists thought that if they insert iron in the ocean, planktons are going to increase, and they will absorb the carbon dioxide which means it will produce oxygen. Unfortunately, they really did the experiment, but it wasn’t that success as they wished. Nowadays, they are even investigating more ideas, but certain of them aren’t possible to do. That means we can investigate a new idea that can be realastic and successful.
Now global warming is a worldwide issue that we need to face on. The thing is, we have to do anything that can contribute a better planet! We can just simply stop trashing trash on the floor, recycle, and even plenty of things we can do. As Barak Obama said, “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time” we cannot wait until global warming stops or someone stops it, we have to do it. If we caused global warming, we can stop it.
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