Battleship cannon project By:Andrew Horne


Our job was to design a cannon out of PVC pipe and a base out of plywood that was accurate enough that we could use in a game of "Battleship". The design requirements for the project are listed below.

Our group started by looking at photos of other PVC cannons and what what used to hold them in place. We found this photo which is of a Halloween decoration of a pirate cannon. We decided to base our design on this mostly.In our initial design, we had even designed wheels for the cannon but strayed away from the idea, because of confusion of how to connect the wheels to the rest of our base. Another reason we went away from the wheel idea was that buying wheels would exceed our budget.


Barrel Support

Our first task was to design barrel supports on the cannon that would stop unnecessary movement after the cannon was fired. We did this by designing a box, that when placed on the barrels of our cannon would hold it still. Our biggest problem that we faced in doing this was finding the right size holes for our barrels. We spent about three days testing circle sizes, too small and the circles wouldn't fit and to large it would be to loose,defeating the purpose of the barrel supports entirely.

6 of many circle sizes
Final Box design

After my team did some calculations with the help of our teacher, we found the exact height for our the steps that our cannon had to be in order to fire at the necessary angles.

During the experiment we shot from the three middle angles of 5. These angles were 30,45, and 60 degrees.


Next our group designed the front of our cannon. We had used notches so that we could better attach the front to the sides and bottom. We got this idea from the plywood boxes we made for our barrel support.


Next we designed the bottom of our base. We decided to design something similar to a Spirograph, that way we could select angles and simply move the cannon into the correct angle. This however created various problems as whenever we had to adjust the angles of our cannon we had to pick the majority of our base.

Rotation factor
The Bottom


Data Collection

Below is a link discussing each of the group members contribution to the group

What I would do better

We were able to meet most of the requirements for the project but unable to meet all of the design requirements for the rotation because we had to pick our cannon up and we had select increments. If we had to do the project again I would have used an entire circle rather than the rotation factor we used. This would also need to locked in somehow, as well as place a protractor element to correctly measure the angle our cannon is firing at.

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