Saugus Community Guide

Saugus, California

Located to the north and east of Valencia, Saugus is home to just as many landmarks as any of the 4 communities. Think Central Park, Mountasia, Bouquet Canyon

Generally, Bouquet Canyon Road separates Valencia and Saugus.

For most, the commute (if you are among the unfortunate ones who work in LA) from here is longer than anywhere else in the Santa Clarita Valley. Once home though, you are more likely to live in a home with a decent amount of space, and your children attend some of the better schools in Southern California.

This railway station, now in Old Town Newhall, was once located in Saugus.

The community has been around just as long as Newhall. Saugus is named after the town of Saugus, Massachusetts, the hometown of Henry Newhall, upon whose land the town was originally built. The Saugus Cafe, on Railroad Ave., was established in 1887 and is among the oldest restaurants in Los Angeles County.

You'll find homes of ALL types in Saugus. Condos, mansions, ranches and more.

Variety of homes

Newhall and Canyon Country have a wide variety of homes, but Saugus might just top them both in sheer variety. Single family one story homes on large lots dominate the Seco Canyon area, while newer Plum Canyon and Five Knolls homes are ideally suited to families who need bigger homes. Ranches line Bouquet Canyon on your way out of town to the north, and condominiums are sprinkled throughout the area. Pacific Crest in the north has some of the finest homes under $750k you'll find in Southern California.

Images you'll see plenty of, in Saugus, CA.


  • Plum Canyon - mid-400's to high $600's. Built in early 2000's
  • Seco Canyon - low 400's to low $600's. Built in 1965-1985.
  • Five Knolls - low 400's to high $700's. Built in 2015 and ongoing.
  • Bouquet Canyon - low 400's to over $1M for ranches.
  • Copperhill North - mid 400's to high $700's. Built in late 90's.
  • Circle J Ranch - high 500's to several million dollar. Luxury large-lot properties.

There's nothing remarkable about Saugus, until you add up all the positives: low crime, great schools, general peace and quiet, plenty of shopping areas, and reasonable home prices.

Even more than Canyon Country, Saugus is a HILLSIDE community, carved into the many many hills that criss-cross the Santa Clarita Valley.

Interested in a home in Saugus, CA? Drop me a line, or give me a call... I love the area, and have tip for how to help you buy or sell your home here.


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