Grappler minigame by George Still

The goal of this game is to find your lost companions in a strange new land. Narrative elements (the player was on a ship that sunk, the suspicious circumstances surrounding his companion's death) will be delivered sparingly through interactions in game. The player must brave the new world and use their grappling hook to navigate otherwise impossible terrain including a cavernous tunnel that is home to a monstrous spider. I wanted to make a game centered around a grappling hook/Spiderman swinging mechanic, with heavy atmospheric effects and sparse narrative elements to supplement feelings of exploration. The grappling hook mechanic, useful for traveling long distances, is supplemented by the Vive's ability to translate the player's movement in real space into the game world.

The player starts on a raft floating towards the shore, facing the ghost of one of his companions along with his corpse. Further ahead, three pillars hint at his other companion's locations: at the top of a mountain, among the trees, and in a cave beneath the lake.

Starting view
Chain grappling hooks to travel far distances

The player will have to use their grappling hooks (which are aimed and fired using the handheld controllers) to reach inaccessible locations where their friends will be held. They will be essential to finding 2 of the companions (one above ground, the other below), and are required to navigate through the cave which include abysses the player must traverse.

Preliminary world layout sketch

A giant spider chases the player out of the cave after they rescue their companion below ground. If the player looks behind them to check on the spider they will probably die, and the uncertainty of not know how close the spider is behind them amplifies the player's sense of anxiety.

The players companions (aka the game's objectives) are demarcated with a glowing aura and colors that contrast with their environ. The hazy lake and cave environment color palettes are green and red, and yellow and red, respectively, and items of interest to the player are colored light blue with light emission. Rescuing a companion is accomplished by approaching them, speaking with them, and teleporting them to safety. Once all companions have been rescued, a voice will congratulate the player and give them the chance to explore more of the world or exit the game.

Objects to which the player can grapple glow blue

My Models (made and animated in Blender): player avatar, grappling hook launcher, grappling hook, raft, ghost, companion 1, companion 2, companion 3, cave/tunnel, spider, stalagmites/stalactites

My Scripts: C2Zone, CaveEntry, Companion1, Companion2, GoToLake, GrapplingHook, MVTRGT, PlayerController, Raft, SpideyAttack

Audio: "RELAXATION Tranquil Nature Sounds Without Music-Lapping Water-Soothing Bird Song-Natural Meditation" by johnnielawson ( and "Cave Sounds" by NaturesMeadow (

Asset Packages: Medieval Environment Pack by Manufactura K4 (Lake terrain and skybox), Environment, Particle Systems, and Image Effects from Unity Standard Assets

Lake scene Unity workspace
Cave scene Unity workspace

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