Second Semester March 24 2017 Markieras Jackson

The reason I joined art is because, for the most part, it is my escape. I can gain skills that will help me learn to create new things as a release of built up emotions, providing a productive use of them.

Currently my most proudest achievement is my dragon or my muffin. My muffin is still currently under construction but my dragon is finished. Again the glazes were a bit of a surprise but it still turned out fairly well. The reason I am most proud of these two would be that I made both starting with my own original idea. After it was drawn I was able to create an exact replica of my drawing.

A project I wish I could re-do would definitely be my flower painting. It started out perfectly okay until I realized it was painted the wrong color. The means not only do I have to repaint a majority of it, but the pant I need to use is partly transparent. So that means even more layers of paint are needed and it's honestly to the point where I want nothing to do with it.

My artistic behaviors would consist of creating original art and observation. Creating original art because my idea for my dragon was based off the fact I wanted to create a clay sculpture of Stitch, but I was told it would have copyrighting issues which lead to the idea of the dragon. Another animation I like would be how to drain your dragon and my favorite character would be toothless so why not mix them creating something new. So I took an idea and built onto it adding my own flair. Observing is because I have been paying more attention to detail, trying to get cleaner edges and better effect and details.

A Goal I have for the rest of the school year is to make more realistic sculptures out of clay. My current project is of a boxer puppy and I hope I will be bale to create a realistic effect.

Something I learned that it's possible for me to actually throw on the wheel! I actually just did it and it may be a bit too thick along the walls, but I, KIERA JACKSON, threw it! It didn't fall off or fall apart. LOOK LOOK LOOK!!!!!!!

As for artistic behavior I think it would be developing art making skills and engage and persist. Developing art making skills is mostly geared toward my bowl and my puppy. Its weird how over time you can improve on something if you start from scratch. I am so excited to be able to say that. My puppy would be mostly geared towards engage and persist. I'm naming him tubby butt because I can't get his little fat rolls on. Like part of me wants to just leave him alone because the more I try to fix it, the more clay I feel like I'm wasting.

My bowl is very meaningful. I am by no means a " clay master" like some other students in class. The fact I was able to do it though, means so much to me. I admit it fell off once and the walls are kinda thick... but it real. Like I can physically hold it, my fingers helped mold it, the prints were left, and I did it on my own. I can't explain how much that means to me. As for my puppy, the reason for him is to be a gift for my teacher Ms. Emans. It's kinda like a thank you gift and I hope to make something for all of my teachers.

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