Physical Therapist Jordan Smith

About Me: I am a Junior that attends Buckeye Union High School who wishes to pursue a job as a physical therapist. I am apart of FBLA and FCCLA to help better myself and help others when needed.

Description of Job Choice: Physical therapists are always in high demand with a 10 year growth rate of 32.8% with 289 annual openings. In Arizona there are 4,846 physical therapist that work in the occupation. The yearly wages are about $83,440 per year.

How to Prepare: In order to be prepared for this occupation you have to have a high school diploma or something equivalent to it. A bachelors degree is required as well as a master's degree or higher in physical therapy, you must complete an internship and earn your license, and complete a Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree Program.

Working Conditions: You'll need a high level of social contact and work closely with patients and medical staff. No matter what you work inside. You must always make sure that your work is accurate or else there could be health issues caused to the patient.

Related Information: You describe treatments to your patients as well as the benefits and risks. You have the chance to teach students and other medical staff about the occupation and how to properly care for their patients.

Why This Career is Needed: When being a PT you help people improve their movement and manage their pains. Often are important when it comes to rehabilitation, treatment, and prevention when the patient has a chronic condition, illness, or injuries.

Roles You Would Have: You would need to review your patients medical history and see if there are any referrals or notes from previous or current doctors, surgeons, or other healthcare workers. Use exercises, stretching maneuvers, hand-on therapy, and equipment to ease the pain of the patient

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