The Absolute True Diary of a Part Time Indian Sherman Alexiek

This book is about a 14 year old boy who's name is Arnold Spirit Jr, but they call him "Junior" for short. In this book he talks about how hard his early life was. He lives in a Spokane Indian Resevervation in Washington. Junior was born with excess spinal fluid on the brain. The early condition left him with a lisp and a stutter. He also had too many teeth so he had to get them removed. The worst of all in his childhood was that he had seizures. Other Indians made fun of him and called him names. Rowdy, Juniors best friend, often protects Junior from getting bullied. Junior is very smart and has a chance to go get a great education at a white school. Does he go or not? Does his life get better?

This book was banned was pulled from the curriculum in Idaho schools. It was pulled because it controlled debate and limited the imagination in kids.

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