Recognizing and Revising Self-Talk Patterns Common Exhibit for Learning Outcome #1

Whenever, I am faced with a challenge my default voice is the inner guide. For, example I thought about how much trouble I am having with computer science, and immediately thought, first, about possible tutoring options, and secondly about staying up late to put extra work in. Usually if this process fails my immediate second is to go into either inner critic, inner defender or some amalgamation of the two. I would say the inner guide is my default because of the fact that the inner critic and inner defender were my default for so long. In other words it is because these two systems have worked so terribly for me in the past that a complete overhaul of my mindset and outlook were required. While this is not something that can be done off sheer willpower alone the people around me and my self-motivation proved to be enough. The self guide is very useful for allowing me to feel motivated to do work, and to make changes to try and benefit myself academically. For example this semester I go to all the calculus pal sessions, and I use ASC tutoring. It will be useful to me in the future because it will prevent me from making the same mistakes and repeating the same failures. In the moment I default to what I can do to improve my current situation, then I consider the expense. For example, I will in all cases place my academic security and completion of assignments above sleep and health. While this is not preferable in the long run due to problems it could cause it is a useful tool to me in many cases. My inner guide told me that because I do not necessarily know how to do everything on the computer science project I should stay awake because firstly, contrary to how most other people feel staying awake late at night takes away stress because it creates the illusion that by working hard, and devoting much effort I have a greater chance of success. Secondly, If I choose to ignore my workload and fall under the delusion that it will all get done by some inexplicable means, I might as well not do it; because with that kind of attitude nothing gets done. Another reason why I utilize the inner guide is because when I see others skipping studying to go to parties, or taking buzzfeed quizzes in class instead of paying attention it irritates me beyond measure. In order to not end up like what I hate I must work harder than all of them and as Physics proved to me you can work as hard as you like and it will not necessarily account for anything however, it is better than not trying at all. As this implies the inner guide is mainly a motivational factor for me to get things done and not fall into laxity .


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