Integumentary System Jackson Lott

Functions of the System

Protects against invasion by infectious organisms. Helps dispose of waste materials. Stores water and fat. Protects the body's internal organs and tissues. Protects from dehydration. Acts as receptor for touch, pain, pressure, heat, and cold.

Layers of the Skin

Epidermis- Outer layer of skin

Dermis- Inner layer of skin

Hypodermis- Below the dermis

Subcatenous- Adipose, collagenes and elastic fibers under the skin

Stratum Corneum- Top layer of the epidermis

Accessory Structures

Hair- Provides protection throughout the body

Subaceous Glands- Secretes sebum. Sebum keeps skin from drying out.

Sudoriferous Glands- Produces Sweat which regulates body temperature.

Ceruminous Glands- Creates cerumen which is a sticky barrier that protects the ear from foreign bodies.

Nails- Protects along with helping out in grasping things.

Regulating Body Temperature and Healing Wounds

The body can maintain its temperature by either heating up or cooling down. When it cools down, its starts with vasodilation. This increases the diameter of blood vessels which allows for more blood to get into the dermis of the skin. Then the heat escapes through the skin out of the body. Next, eccrine sweat glands release sweat. The sweat then evaporates on the skin which takes the heat with it.

Healing a wound is different depending on how big the wound is. A shallow wound starts with inflammation. Redness, heat, swelling, and pain will occur. Epithelial tissues begin dividing more frequently to fill the cut in.

To heal a deep wound it begins with blood escaping in a deeper wound forming a clot. The clot will dry and scab over. Fibroblasts will come in and form new collagenous fibers to bind the wound together. Phagocytic cells come in and remove dead cells and debris. A scar will form once the damaged tissue is replaced. In larger wounds, granulations form. Granulations have a blood vessel and fibroblasts that eventually leave just a mass of collagnous fibers in the form of a scar.

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