Would I lie to you? ...3 new 'Thinking Skill' tales...!

Mr Calvey continued our new ‘Would I lie to you?’ Wednesday Assembly Season with some interesting stories that had staff and pupils guessing! Would a Headmaster really tell a lie and if so...what lie would he tell...and most importantly, would we guess???

Mr Calvey told the following:

  • He loves his hockey and was when he arrived at his senior school, he was disappointed to see that they didn't have a hockey team...so he set one up, bought a team kit (that looked awful!) and played a season…Initiative
  • When he graduated from Art College he took all of his paintings from his Summer Exhibition and sold them to pay for furniture in his new house...Mrs Calvey was not impressed to find the house empty and thought they had been stolen!…this painful story was about his Ambition
  • And finally, Mr Calvey described how he had been charged by a very angry elephant in Africa, as he tried to impress Mrs Calvey, whilst also capturing a photo to paint…could this be a tale of true Risk Taking

With a match kit like that, it's a wonder that Mr Calvey became an Artist...you would have thought that he might have better taste but then when you see his socks, perhaps he's colour-blind? Was he telling the truth that he set up and captained the 1st Hockey Team at his boarding school...?

One of the paintings that Mr Calvey placed in the Sandwich Art Gallery in order to raise funds for a trip to IKEA...he claims that he sold them all but did he manage this?

And this was Mr Calvey's final story...he claims that whilst visiting home in Zimbabwe, he was charged by an elephant as he tried to creep up on it. He was wanting a close up photo to help him paint this final piece for his Summer Exhibition...did he really risk life and limb for the sake of Art?!?

The pupils appeared to be taken with one particular story that they felt was not the truth...let your children explain more tonight!

We look forward to quizzing the next Orley Farm teacher...will they manage to pull the wool over our eyes...?!?