Lockdown By:Paul J.

“Hey Eli I think today is going to be a good day” said Connor. “Yeah me too” said Eli. As they were pulling into the school parking lot. It was the florescent orange lines that got me in the happiest mood Their mom was a Secretary at bridgeberry Middle school in bridgeberry New Hampshire. It was a mostly quiet town but when the annual fair comes then it's not so mellow. Connor and Eli were identical twins. Even their own mother couldn't tell them apart besides the scar on Eli’s cheek from when he ran into a tree on a bike.

In first hour Connor and Eli had art. This was no ordinary art class, this was an inventor's art class. The room was filled with the sound of clicking machines. “ I love the way the machines all click and make sounds it's like a mockingbird with a beautiful voice.” said Eli. “Yeah I like it to.” said Connor. They were just finishing a model of a wind turbine that worked. “Ok boys” said Mrs. Basad “ What do we have here.” “We have a scale model of a wind turbine that can refuel a double A battery” said Eli. “Very interesting” said Mrs. Basad. “ I know who's getting an A+ on their quarterly grade.”

Then the bell rung 3 steady seconds of ringing with athority people jumped out of their seats and headed to the next class. But not Eli and Connor they took their time and stoped to notice the world around them. They were heading down a long corridor where it spit off at the end. “See you fifth hour” said Connor.” “Ok see you there” Eli replied.Then Connor turned and walked the other way. Eli was in the bathroom when he heard the sound of a gunshot and the sound of glass smashing. Immediately the loudspeaker came over, saying, “lock and secure this is not a drill”. All of a sudden the sound of slamming doors rung throughout the halls With the clicking of locks and deadbolts. Eli heard something out in the hall the sound of footsteps.
Quickly Eli unbolted the sliding bathroom lock and ran out into the hall where the gunman was. They looked at eachother nither one of them moved they just looked at eachother like they were in an exploritory looking at the stars. Then Eli’s life flashed before his eyes the moments when he was alone and scared and when he was with his family at the dinner table laughing. All the sudden he broke out of the trance then he ran the other way while the sound of gunshots whistled past him with the sound of shells hitting the hard tile floor. He ran down the long corridor and tried to get into a room but they didn't know it was him. He thought for a second, the gunman looked grey and shady. I'm just an athletic boy I could beat him at his own game.

Eli Quickly grabbed a chair and hid behind the corner. The gunman's voice rang out. “You can run but you can't hide,” he said. Then the gunman turned the corner and the chair Eli swung met the gunman's face. A shout boomed throughout the hall. The gunman dropped to his knees blood streaming out of his forehead. Eli realized he had dropped the gun. Rapidly Eli grabbed the gun and said. “ I'm not going to shoot but I am going to do this.” All the sudden Eli turned the gun around and pistol whipped the gunman in the head and then in the knee.The gunman was on his back shouting, “the pain” then there was a noise. It started quietly and then got louder than louder. It was the sound of boots. Did they really call the swat team? They did! the team moved in on the gunman and saw Eli with the gun. They said drop your weapon and he dropped it they handcuffed him and took him away.

Suddenly he saw connor in tears balling. He ran up to Eli and said “ He killed her...he killed mom.” suddenly there was an emptiness in his heart but he didn't cry he felt anger. There was a stretcher with the gunman on it and Eli still was cuffed and the police holding him back from confronting him. Then he jabbed one of the officers and bolted towards the man. “ How could you” Eli yelled “ how could you kill my mom” then Eli did something drastic he punched and knocked out the gunman on the stretcher.Then the police got him in the squad car and took him to the station.

“Youre sure that happened” said the chief of police. “ Yes you've got it all wrong Eli didn't shoot up the school the gunman did Eli got the gun away and wiped him with it and then you guys came in.” I said. The chief called in on the radio “let out Eli norton Thanks.”

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