At the RISE FOR CLIMATE demonstration in Brussels, LE BONPAIN joined fellow entrepreneurs of the KAYA coalition of companies for an ecologic transition who voiced their support for urgent political action.

Climate change is real! There is no time to waste. We need change NOW!

When eco-preneurs and civil activists join hands they are a real force. They can sway the balance in the right direction and pressure politicians to enact the laws that reward ethical behaviour of companies...and punish the bad. Let's work together and build the momentum for profound reform. Let's build a healthy society that thrives on a regenerative economy.

LE BONPAIN is a fully Organic, Brussels-based bakery, which aims to be holistically sustainable. We produce traditional, handmade breads on the basis of sour dough and mostly made of heirloom wheat varieties, which we grind ourselves in our traditional stone mill.

Through our sister-bakery LE BONSÆNS, we also offer Organic Gluten Free, additive-free products for people with allergies or intolerances and we are working hard to expand our range of tasty Vegan products in order to enable our clients to reduce, together with us, their environmental footprint.

We live the change! We deliver our products by bicycle whenever it is feasible and our employees drive electric cars to get to the bakery.