KNB313 - Assignment 2 - Wk 6 Learning Pathway

Week 6 Tasks

In the second half of this Unit, you will work on a learning pathway that prepares you for the completion of Assignment 2. Remember, for Option 1 of this assignment, you have been asked to write about a screen project you are currently working on. This is likely to be a 3rd year production you are completing for another Unit in your course, but it doesn't have to be - it may be another project you are working on in your own time.

In this first week you should complete the first two steps. Choose and issue and then explain why this issue is significant for screen industry professionals and for society in general. You need to put some careful thought into which issue you choose (which cannot be the same issue as the one you chose for Assessment 1). It is likely that the nature if your project will determine which issue you choose - some projects will lend themselves more obviously to particular issues than other.

Explain why the issue is significant for screen industry professionals and for society in general (Approx 150 words). Remember to draw on the content of the mini lectures here as a starting point.

Outline why the issue is specifically relevant to your production (Approx 150 words). For this aspect, you will need to carefully think about your production and why the issues has specific relevance to your production. Be as clear as you can be about the specific reasons this issue is relevant to your production.

You are encouraged to present your research and documentary outline using Adobe Slate. Why? Because it is an excellent tool for presenting information in a highly professional way, using images and text. So, in this first week, you need to set up an Adobe Slate account, which is super easy (you can even sign in using your Facebook Account), and you need to start to complete each of the required tasks. You can choose to draft your assignment in Adobe Slate, or you may prefer to complete your drafting using a word processor and then drop your final draft into Slate. It's up to you!


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