Muslim Persecution in America ChristopHer muscato

"What does it mean to be a Muslim? Muslims are people of a religious faith, specifically practitioners of the religion called Islam."

The author started off his article with a question lead followed by a short summary. In my opinion, questions are a good way to engage the reader quickly, and the summary informs them directly after.

If I were to write a lead for a similar article it would be:

Muslims, practitioners of the religion Islam, are known to be targeted throughout America due to the terrorist attacks that have been led by Islamic men.

My intro was a basic summarization lead that does a good job of introducing the topic

Who: Muslims and worshippers of Islamic faith

What: persecution of a Muslims

Where: America

When: current

Why: because of the terrorist attacked led by them

Author's concluding statement:

"While there's no doubt America's intelligence community must remain vigilant against the threat of violent extremists, the number one killer of American Christians over the past year wasn't the "liberal" government or Muslims. Since America is still 70% Christian, the most likely killer of a Christian in America will be another Christian with a gun."

My concluding statement:

Persecution of Muslims in America has negatively impacted the lives of many people, because they choose to follow a certain religion. There is an understanding to feel the need to automatically judge these people because of the horrific events led by people of their ethnic background, but if you think about it it's wrong. You shouldn't judge an entire group of people based on the actions of a few of them.

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